Keep Your Head On Track

Packs of teenagers can frequently be seen running around the grounds of East Brunswick High School. All of their heads are held up high, eyes blank but locked forward, all their energy placed into running. The sight has always puzzled me.


Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

“What sets Winter Track apart from other winter sports at the high school?” I asked Ali Soherwardy as he sat at his lunch table, glancing up from his tray of breadcrumbs that once belonged to two slices of pizza which have long since been thoroughly eaten.
“We run outside.”

Track is not like most other sports. In other sports, you are playing against another team and trying to get them to slip up. Slip-ups lead to mistakes and mistakes can be taken advantage of to win.

In track, you are playing against yourself. You are the only hurdle between the starting line and the gold.

East Brunswick literally jumped the hurdle at the County Championship. South Brunswick has been the team to beat at the championships, being the reigning champions. The shuttle hurdle team broke the school record to win the event; the record-breaking leap brought East Brunswick to 7th in the state.

The Bears hope to continue to bring this same speed to their Spring season and break even more records. They run outside, indeed.  They run, and they win.