Italian Honor Society & Club: Una Grande Famiglia

“[IHS] has become so much more to me and is something I look forward to and love attending.” – Senior and IHS President, Charlie Smalley


Matthew Gonzalez

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

Italian Honor Society and Club are dedicated to celebrating traditional Italian language and culture while working to engage and serve their local community. At their meetings, you can find a group of over 80 students playing various types of traditional Italian games, sharing baked goods they brought in, and socializing with the clubs’ beloved adviser, Signora Spagnuolo. This year, IHS & Club were able to truly expand their presence in the community, by partaking in a number of events; donating diapers to the East Brunswick Crisis Center, fundraising for EBHS’ Holiday Toy Drive, and creating cards for the Ronald McDonald house.

Caroline Serpico
In IHS’ first meeting back after winter break, the club celebrated the Italian folklore tradition of La Befana, a witch who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve. Matthew Deguida, 11, and Daniela Defabio, 10, compete in relay races with brooms to celebrate the cultural significance of the holiday.

Senior and IHS President Charlie Smalley shares the pride she takes in the club; “I initially joined IHS to be apart of the Italian culture and learn about where my ancestors came from. But it has become so much more to me and is something I look forward to and love attending.” The club’s familial bond is able to transcend I-Hall, and spread throughout EBHS and the community as a whole.