The Curtain Calls for Mr. EBHS

Come see Mr. EBHS on January 10th, 2020!


Some of the Mr. EBHS candidates pose for a picture during their act approval, following a rehearsal of their group dance.

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

As we roll into the new calendar year, EBHS awaits one of its most widely anticipated events to kick off 2020: Mr. EBHS.

Mr. EBHS is an annual male pageant and talent show hosted by the Class Council, to showcase the amazing talents of various sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This year, according to EBHS Senior and Head of Fundraising for Class Council, Jolie Harmon, those attending the show can expect to see some incredible acts: “[This year,] talents range from lip-syncing, to stand up comedy, to singing…[it’s] a show everyone will enjoy watching.”

The Mr. EBHS candidates and Class Council cheerfully pose together prior to final act approval.

Class Council works hard to create a show that is both entertaining for the students and allows them to cheer on their peers to boost school spirit and have some fun to mark the halfway point in the school year. Harmon elaborates on this significance, saying “it’s special because [this show] truly is for the students – all are welcome, including freshman…It’s more than just watching a show- the audience will be singing along to some of their favorites songs, laughing at some hysterical jokes, and getting to see their favorite teachers and staff participate.”

To purchase tickets for the once annual shows, they will be Tuesday, January 7th, through Wednesday, January 9th before and after school for $8.00, as well as upon admission for $10.00. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create fond memories from this entertaining show!