Deck The Doors

Students from EBHS participate in the annual door decorating contest.


It’s a festive time of the year, and as 2019 comes to an end, students begin to participate in a favorite yearly activity, the Door Decorating Contest. Many look forward to seeing doors decorated with Christmas trees, menoras, and mkekas, as they walk down the familiar hallways. Along with teachers, students choose to decorate for the contest. With only two weeks to create something worthy of the prize, students bring in their own materials, including strange trinkets like lengthy strings of Christmas ornaments.Talking to Bear Hub, seniors Alexandria Simos and Audrey Shelly discuss the inspiration for their door. 

“Well, the main office really wanted something simple yet cute. They gave us a picture of an idea, and we put it to life” Audrey explained.The girls put a twist on The Grinch, creating a door that says “Be Kind,” decorated with hearts and holiday items. 

Two students, Sophie Brown and Tiffany Boyd decorated something very different from Audrey and Alexandria; “It’s supposed to be the perfect door for an English classroom,” Tiffany explains. “It’s been a few days, and we had complications with hanging stuff up, but we’re on a roll now,” she said. The door is decorated with sheer gold ribbon and red paper, and decorated to match the subject of the classroom, with the theme “Of Mice and Mistletoe.”

The door decorating contest this year is off to a good start. As the week continues, we expect to see more doors decorated, and more participation in these creative inventions. It’s always exciting to see a simple school door evolve into a winter wonderland or a holiday character. Stay tuned for the results which will be announced later next week.