Taking Center Stage

“Don’t forget to freestyle, and remember to have fun,” – Sara Magrino, 12, Co-Captain of the Dance Team


Caroline Serpico

Dancers rehearse their hip-hop and jazz routines one last time before auditions begin, reminding themselves to have fun while trying their best to earn a spot on the 2020 Dance Team.

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

Staggered counts of eight and thuds of shoes echo off all sides of the dance room. Small groups of strangers quickly form as they begin their own count of eight to perfect their hip-hop and jazz routines in hopes of earning a spot on the EBHS Dance Team.

“Okay, let’s run it from the top one last time,” co-captain Sara Magrino, 12, instructs while making her way to the mirrored wall. The dancers check their position and appearance in the mirror, hoping a final smoothing of their audition number or ponytail adjustment will reassure their confidence. 

The second the familiar song blasts from the speakers, a switch seems to flip in each of the dancers; all the jitters and nerves change to smiles only a passion could paint. EBHS Dance Team is able to bring together some of the most dedicated athletes driven by a passion for self expression, to entertain every audience they perform for, simply by having fun and working hard.

Before each audition, Magrino best sums up this ideal for the dancers: “Remember to have fun.”