How a US Coast Guard became a EBHS Counselor

East Brunswick has found their own Bob Ross. Mr.Wichelman is the newest addition to the school’s counseling department. 


Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

If you had told a college-aged Mr.Wichelman he would end up helping high school kids prepare for the adult world, and their own world, you would have received a warm yet funny look. The new counselor did his undergraduate in business but “nothing really connected, it was a different world than [he] expected.” After some serious soul searching, he decided to apply to one of the military branches, namely the Coast Guard. There, Mr.Wichelman did jobs that included search and rescue, maritime law enforcement, and drug interdiction. That’s right, your new counselor was seizing drugs before they even came into the country. 

Re-enlistment came up and Mr.Wichelman was faced with a choice. “At a certain point, you have to decide if you want to sleep on a bed every night.” With that, Mr.Wichelman went back to college but faced the same College Confusion. He recounted, “One day I was sitting there and giving student advice about something and I don’t remember exactly but he made a comment ‘I wish my guidance counselor had told me this.’”

EBHS is extremely lucky to a counselor with the vast experience of Mr.Wichelman. With this wisdom, he can guide any of us through any storm.