A Diverse Portfolio

Students at the high school are encouraged to explore their interests and find out more about who they are.


Andrew Yuen

Sreyansh Biswal, 11, is part of nine school clubs and three honor societies. He is one of many students who participate in multiple extracurriculars.

Andrew Yuen, Bear Hub Staff

East Brunswick High School offers over seventy extracurricular activities, ranging from Anime Club to Waksman Student Scholars. These programs allow East Brunswick students to explore their interests and develop their talents in different fields. While some students focus their attention on one or two programs, others join a diverse set of clubs that allow them to show their multifaceted identity. Sreyansh Biswal, 11, is a member of nine school clubs, including the Spanish Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Model United Nations and Students Demand Action, among others. He also intends on joining three honor societies including the National Honor Society, which is similar to his other clubs in that they have rigorous admissions requirements. Sreyansh participates in these extracurriculars “because they match my interests,” and he believes “it is great to have so many opportunities of exploring myself outside of classes.” Through them, he has “developed more public speaking and communication skills which have branched out to all aspects of my different interests.”

On the other hand, students such as Nimai Sanikop, 12, have developed an interest in novel topics that they believe should be discussed at the high school. Nimai created the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Alliance in 2018, which aims to educate students on the dangers of drug use through various activities. One such activity is the drunk goggle challenge, which is a fun ways to introduce serious topics to younger children. This year, the program is planning biweekly events at different locations targeting a multitude of audiences. Many other groups such as the EB Dems are following in suit, bringing important discussion both in the classroom and out.

At East Brunswick High School, discovering oneself is as easy as submitting an application form or even creating one. Whether a student is passionate about religion, social activism, or video games, there

Andrew Yuen
Nimai Sanikop, 12, created the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Alliance last year. This program has expanded to several schools and now hosts events throughout the year.

is a place for them.