Hallway of Fame

East Brunswick High School honors successful alumni for students to see


Sarah Kincaid

Heather O’Reilly’s poster is one of the first to be hung. Read her poster to find out all about her.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Dinusha Desilva, 11, positively rates EB’s new hallway of fame. Dinusha says that she loves to “hear about successful alumni from (her) own high school.”
Glenn Slater’s poster is seen hanging on the wall in EBHS’s new alumni hall of fame.


Talking to the students of East Brunswick High School or even just the citizens of East Brunswick, you may find yourself in a conversation about the boringness of the town. Most people think of East Brunswick as just a small town in the small state of New Jersey. With no good stores, restaurants or overall people, is there anything actually exciting about this town?

East Brunswick High School is making it clear to students that EB is more than just a boring town. When walking down the long, crowded terminal of EBHS, take a look at the media center hallway and you will see extremely large posters of celebrity graduates from our high school.

A junior of the East Brunswick High School, Dinusha Desliva, says that the EB Hall of Fame shows her that “East Brunswick is more than what we all think it is. If this small town can make someone famous then there is hope for all of us. It means a lot to I think all the students to see these well-known people that came from our own East Brunswick High School.”

Currently in the EB Hall of Fame there is Glenn Slater, an American lyricist who is known for the Disney’s Tangled “I see the Light” along with many songs from the Broadway production of School of Rock. There is also Heather O’Reilly, a soccer player in the United States Women’s National Soccer Team who has won three Olympic gold medals. When asked about his plans on keeping this hall of fame updated throughout the years to come, Principal Vinella said that he would like “the whole hallway to be lined with posters of special alumni for the students to see.”

Dr. Vinella explained his thoughts on creating this alumni hall of fame in the East Brunswick High School as “an opportunity to spread EB pride to all of the high school students and to make the members of the school community feel proud about these people coming from the East Brunswick district.”

In the near future, you can expect to learn much more about alumni that have achieved fame. Dinsuha Desilva, said that the person she’s most looking forward to seeing on the hall of fame is Jesse Eisneberg. “My friend told me he was from EB and that was the first famous alumni I heard of from our own school which is so cool.” Jesse Eisenberg is most known for his movie roles one Zombieland, The Social Network and Adventureland. “You never know who is from your town.”