Mr.Berner and the Amazing Technicolor Data Table

Lenovo ThinkPads dot the hollow desks that once held ancient dusty desktops. A boring black and white data table breaks down congressional districts based on median income and the political party that controls them. The students’ eyes aren’t focused on the bright colorful screens of the laptops, they are glued to Mr.Berner and his bright colorful commentary.


Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff


Our political landscape is constantly shifting and changing, ultimately effecting firms and the choices they made. The curricula of International Business and Politics respects and follows these changes with lessons focused on current events. The analysis does stop at following the changes, IBP provides “various insights into both domestic and international topics…it makes this class incredibly engaging,” says Gavin March, a junior.  But the true magic of IBP comes from the teacher. Mr.Berner is constantly pointing out interesting perspectives on the material he teaches. These opinions come out of left field for most students, opening up their minds to new perspectives. Perspectives that can be added to a student’s repertoire, along with the rest of IBP, to make students ready for the international business world. 

IBP not only teaches students about politics but gives them practical business experience.  One of the big projects completed as part of the semester course is to run a business. Students are assigned to groups where they will come up with a product. These groups are split into marketing, finance and legal. The marketing department will be tasked with creating appealing marketing materials. Students in charge of finance will have to create comprehensive spreadsheets detailing all possible costs and profits, finding those costs by calling the factories and getting an estimate on their rates. The legal department will have to do intensive research into all applicable regulations and copyright laws. The paperwork is then compiled into a large binder to be graded.

Although the material of IBP can be demanding, Mr.Berner makes every moment memorable; creating enthusiastic, future-ready students who will become the movers and shakers of the world.