The Sophomore Experience


Students walking through the halls during the morning.

Julissa Athanassiou, Bear Hub Staff

There is a sense of uncertainty mixed with hope as hundreds of students swarm the hallways, each with a different story. Upperclassmen regard the school and its many classes as something familiar; however, for sophomores, the opportunities the new building offers provoke a feeling of optimism and anticipation for the future.

The 2022-23 school year has EBHS sophomores looking forward to the rest of their high school careers. Now they are in the same building as the upperclassmen, with new teachers and courses that help encourage students to explore their passions.

However, entering a new school comes with a new responsibility; navigating your way throughout the different halls and classes without getting lost. While this feeling is unanimous among most sophomores, many are finding ways to adjust to the new schedule and fit in.

“Many juniors and seniors were happy to help, and so was security in helping me find my way around the school,” Elif Mamaloglu thoughtfully recalls.

“It took me around a week to familiarize myself with the layout of the school”, Elif confesses. “During the first couple days, I was around 2 minutes late to all my classes. Now, I’m rarely late.”

With summer ending, many students have to prepare themselves for the rest of the school year. EBHS provides different ways for students to get involved and meet new people. Students like Desteny Chiriboga are especially enthusiastic about what the new school year has in store.

When asked about what she liked about EBHS, she stated,
“I love how there’s a wide variety of clubs and ways to get involved with the school.”

EBHS helps students form connections and find their passions. In this way, sophomores are getting the best out of their new high school experience.