A Message to the Class of 2022

A sneak peek of the speeches to the class of 2022.


Mrs. Hagan displays her favorite book Fahrenheit 451 a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury. This is one of the books Mrs. Hagan has taught over the year here at EBHS to her students.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

Mrs. Hagan, an English teacher, was voted by the students to deliver a speech for graduation. As a student who graduated from EBHS and now teaches here, Mrs. Hagan is one of the most down-to-earth people you’ll meet. She is one of those teachers you can joke with and talk to after class if you need anything. She makes you feel like you are in a comfortable and fun learning environment, so you actually enjoy the class.

With the enthusiasm she teaches each class, it was no shock she was voted as a graduation speaker. Because she is also a Public Speaking teacher, Mrs. Hagan has a clear vision of what she wants her speech to be and how she will deliver it. Though one major question is: how will people remember her speech? Mrs. Hagan took a deep breath and said, “I want them to remember that I’m in this job because I care about kids. I know every teacher says that. But this is the graduating class I started the pandemic with, which I can’t say for any other graduating class, so I’ve been through so much with these students.” With such a unique connection with the class of 2022, Mrs. Hagan will deliver a speech that will be quite meaningful and memorable for everyone in the arena.

Another person who will be delivering a speech this year is Class Council president, Shaheer Saud. While managing and raising money for prom, Shaheer also has to deliver a speech during graduation. Shaheer said that the goal of his speech is, “to inspire the class of 2022 to grow and move forward.” Shaheer understands as the president of our class, it’s his job to be a role model and a leader. By delivering an uplifting speech to kick off the start of summer, Shaheer can fulfill his role as our president. Though, delivering the speech will be the most difficult part, according to Shaheer. Crossing his arms, Shaheer said, “getting in front of all my friends, family, and classmates just makes me a little nervous.” Though it’s normal for Shaheer to get nervous, after all, he is talking to thousands of people in the arena. As a friend of the class of 2022, Shaheer will easily connect with students as he delivers his last speech to EBHS.

The class of 2022 went through the pandemic and pushed through the whole time. With graduation speeches around the corner, take the time to listen and reflect on the speeches. Discover what the speaker is trying to tell you and why. These people were selected to speak to all of you directly for a reason. Take these speeches with you and apply them to your future.