Chasing to Championships

The red rubber of the track presses under the runner’s feet. Sweat drips from the athlete’s bodies The 2021-2022 boys winter track season has finally begun.


Christopher Serrao jumps in track trying to beat his PR in the 55m Hurdles

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

This season, the Boys Track team surpassed all expectations. They became GMC Championships and won first place in six events. According to Coach Digioacchino,” The past two years are arguably the best two seasons in EBHS history.” The track team this year has certainly set a high standard of performance for EBHS in the coming years.

The boys’ hard work certainly led to their achievements this season and will inspire them after high school. Christopher Serrao reflects on this and says “ What excites me the most about competing and the college level is the new challenge. Having people to look up to and chase every day in practice and races will only motivate and push me more to become a better version fo myself.”

Despite the many setbacks that this year’s winter track team has faced, their hardwork and dedication to the sport has paid off for the boys. As coach Digioacchino says “ Never stop improving, never stop working, and you can achieve your goals”.