Dream Theme: What is EBHS’ Dorm Sweet Dorm?

From elegant rugs and lively hanging plants, to high-tech computers and fluorescent lighting– there is no limit to what your dorm room can look like (besides the space of course).


Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

As college nears, upperclassmen will soon be able to showcase their personalities and design a living space they’d actually want to call their own.

51 students were surveyed to see which of seven themes they liked the best. The futuristic and minimalistic themes won, while the fandom-based theme proved surprisingly unpopular. This might be the case because most high schoolers are tired of their childhood rooms filled with years-old plushies and posters from outdated fandoms. This has left them craving that breath of fresh air with a simple and cool room.

Sabrina Huang 12 says “”While the futuristic style is clean and sleek, the fandom based style shows my personal interests too openly.” After living with their parents for so many years, it’s no wonder seniors want their privacy and their personal hobbies unexposed.

The high amount of votes for futuristic also explains why most people said “too expensive” for what’s stopping them from recreating that dorm theme. Technology proves to be an unfortunate money sink for broke college undergraduates.