First Take with the Bears

EBHS students and staff vote on who will be the winner of Super Bowl LVI.


Raul Martinez

Senior Steven Chase said, “Even though I think most people think the Packers are the favorite to win, I believe there is a darkhorse in these playoffs. I think that either the Rams or Cheifs will shock people throughout the playoffs.”

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

The NFL playoffs are one of the most exciting sequences of events in America. Each team has a decent chance of taking the Lombardi Trophy and crowning themselves as the best team. To help determine who will be the winner in SoFi Stadium in February, EBHS’ own students and staff voted on a survey based on who they think will win.

Senior Matthew Mashanski voiced his opinion saying “I think the Packers are going to win it all this year. I know Aaron Rodgers had some troubles in the past, but I do believe this team chemistry and experience will lead to them to the top.” The Packers are this year’s favorite of students and staff, but others have chosen wildcards teams such as the Rams and Bills.

No matter who wins, the NFL playoffs will entertain all sports fans at EBHS.