Red (Taylor’s Version) Has Us All Dancing In Our Bedrooms

EBHS is going crazy for Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of her fourth studio album Red.


Rebecca Post

Layla Sheikh, 10, poses with her Red (Taylors Version) vinyl. She shares that her “favorite song off the album has to be ‘Nothing New’ because the song features Phoebe Bridgers and [she is] a big fan of Phoebe.”

Rebecca Post, Bear Hub Staff

Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of her 2012 album Red has taken the pop charts by storm. Not only does it include six brand new songs, but it also features a ten minute version of the fan favorite song “All Too Well”.

Students at EBHS are raging the release of this new album. Sophomore Gabby Martins, a huge Taylor Swift fan, explains how “being able to relive when [she] first became a fan is absolutely amazing.”

Not only are the students going crazy over this album, but so are the teachers. English teacher Mrs. Soder talked about how she was never a big Taylor Swift fan, but this album changed that for her: “I wasn’t previously a huge Swift fan, but I was really engaged by these right away. I like to learn them on the piano and sing along so my favorites are “The Last Time” and “All Too Well.”

With four more re-recorded albums on the way, our school is excited to see what Swift brings next.