There’s Fun in the Long Run

“It’s not the distance you must conquer in running, it’s yourself” is what the determined cross country members understand the best.-Michael D’Aulerio


ABOVE Anurag Lohani 9thhands Matthew Chu 10th his placing as he finishes his 5k run during senior night triumphantly.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

The Boy’s Cross Country team has gone the extra mile to progress this year, all without losing their sense of humor and enjoyment in the sport.

To members though, cross country is more about the close-knit connections formed together during practice than just running and placing in competitions. “I’ll definitely miss the robust culture of the team, the many relationships formed, and conversations on daily runs about virtually any subject from school, childhood, running, life, weather, and even about the kinds of toppings on pizza,” says Dante Buonopane, a senior long-distance runner. He’s relieved that all this team building was possible this season, as it was hard to make small talk or get to know other members when a hefty part of the last season happened virtually through a screen.

I am proud of the fact that our boys were resilient during the pandemic. They stuck together and continued to work hard over the past 18 months and have made major progress during that time.

— Coach Jeffrey Sundberg

One highlight of the season is that, captain Zain Soherwardy, grade 12, has qualified for the Cross Country Meet of Champions for the state, placing 15 in Groups. The team and coaches look towards what he can accomplish in the future.

Despite the chill attitude of the boys, they are serious about giving the sport their all for each and every practice. After all, each daily lap is valuable towards their hope to make a run at a GMC Championship and Sectional Championship next year.