Girls Cross Country

Girls Cross Country Goes the Distance in a Memorable Season


ABOVE Nicole Tomasik (11)and Tvisha Vazirani (10) cool Marley Vachon (10) down after a competitive race.

Brianna Boen, Bear Hub Staff

The Girls Cross Country team were determined to push through tough races this past fall season and it showed. They placed fourth in GMC’s along with five girls able to reach the varsity time, something that had been more difficult to achieve in past seasons.

Senior and Varsity runner Emma Pusung reflects on the relationships she has built from starting Cross Country: “I like to think that some of the best friends you make are in the sports you do. Everyone in this sport goes through the same thing that nobody else does; we all push through our pain in races and experience it all together.”

Girls Cross Country had not only been an opportunity for the girls to accomplish new PRs (personal records) in their races, but to also boost their self-confidence. With the support of close bonds the girls have built this season, the team has been able to have a more than successful running season together.

Running cross country is definitely not easy, but it feels good to push myself in preparation for the winter track season, which so many of us are pumped up for.

— Shelby Coyne