Re-establishing Our Routines

“It sounds so boring, but it’s just nice to feel productive again.”


Emma Pusung, 12, works on her AP Literature assignment early in the morning during study hall.

Alefiya Presswala, Bear Hub Editor

Last year, students named some of the benefits of fully remote learning as getting to sleep in, being able to wear pajamas everyday, and eating snacks during class.
Now, as we slowly move back towards normalcy, students are thankful to be able to have a set routine again- this includes waking up at the same time everyday, actually eating breakfast, and attending class in actual classrooms.

Senior Emma Pusung told the Hub how glad she is to be back in school for her senior year: “I know some people weren’t looking forward to being back, but I really like that now I have consistent plans and things to do with my time.”

She continued, telling us about her own personal routine. “I like being able to pick out my outfits in the morning again and actually feeling good for school. And it’s nice to be able to walk from class to class with friends and go to [cross country] practice and do homework.”

Though remote learning gave us more flexibility, students are finding a sense of satisfaction in being able to settle back into a familiar routine.
As Emma told the Hub, “It sounds so boring, but it’s just nice to feel productive again.”