Home Sweet Homeroom

The new period that is sweeping students across EBHS.


Derek Maniquiz

The sophomores in Homeroom B21 participate in the day’s homeroom wellness activities. This year, homeroom will be used as a short period break where students can connect with teachers and other students their age.

Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

Now that the summer’s over all highschoolers are starting to go back to school. One of the big changes that is happening is the homeroom. It’s an extra period usually lasting only 15 minutes situated between period one and two.

While some students are wondering: Why would you need this? Is this really necessary? Most are finding that homeroom is fun, and having a 15 minute break between classes is very refreshing. Sasha Marcinczyk, an underclassman new to this system, seems pretty pleased with homeroom. “I think it’s a good break between first and second period… I also think that having homeroom representatives is a good way to really get involved with the student council because I don’t really know about it.”

With homeroom comes their elected representatives giving insight about student council meetings to the class. Homeroom representative Jimmy Mallon thinks otherwise about homerooms. “ It’s ok, pretty boring… Having to build a relationship for 3 years in the homeroom is pretty nice, but it gets annoying going up stairs every day.” Overall opinions about homeroom vary between underclassmen and we look forward to seeing how homeroom evolves during the course of the year, and beyond.