Shooting For The Stars

A proud season for the EBHS Girls Basketball team.


Coach Retz and his senior players ( Laren Hannan, Minta Cuane, Sophia Jorgenson, Erin Cosio), and junior Sophia Winston, prepare for their upcoming game with a serious determination to make this season the best we’ve seen..

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

The East Brunswick High School Girls Basketball team is nothing less than accomplished. The court has brought these girls together in a way that cannot be explained simply: they are not just teammates during the game but teammates everywhere else as well.

This 2021 winter season, along with the many seasons prior, the girls have shown to have gained confidence and talent every time they set foot on the court. Head coach Mr. Rutz has led his players into an amazing 8-7 record, and is extremely proud of how far the girls have come this year. Despite the chaotic time we are currently in, the EBHS Girls Basketball team continues to work hard and show off their skills. #21 Erin Cosio, senior and captain of the Varsity Basketball team, has scored 116 points. She will be furthering her athletic passion for basketball at Hunter College! Captains Sam Lederman, 11, and Erin Cosio, 12, were both voted to the All Red Division Teams, making their coach and teammates extremely proud. Coach Rutz, in his tweet to congratulate the two captains, proudly stated, “Nobody works harder and they do it the right way!”

As the girls’ winter season has previously come to an end, they shall not forget the bond they have formed throughout this interesting year, and the inspiring games they have played. The EBHS Girls Basketball team should be incredibly proud of themselves and all they have accomplished this year, just like their coach and EBHS community are of them.