Leaving the Competition in the Chalk

The EBHS Gymnastics Team sets a new bar this season.

Leaving the Competition in the Chalk

Sabrina Portnoy, Bear Hub Staff

From every practice to every meet, the EBHS gymnastics team has displayed dedication and skill. These are the same qualities that have led these girls to have an outstanding season this year.

The journey here hasn’t been an easy one and it motivated each of the team members to work harder than ever before.

It was challenging for the gymnasts to prepare themselves for the season since meets had to be rescheduled and indoor practices still had restrictions. Sydney Yu, 11, tells Bear Hub: “This season has been a little different because we need to wear masks and can’t give each other high fives, but it still has been a great season!”

Dr. Vinella hypes up the EB Gymnastics team in a tweet he made after their victory at their second meet of the season against Piscataway. He is extremely proud of this team and the hard work, comradery, and sportsmanship they display on and off the mats.
East Brunswick earned fourth place on PreseasonNJ.com’s Gymnastics Top 10 2021 ranking. Junior Karina Munoz played a great role in this high ranking when she won five first-place medals at last year’s GMC Championships, taking all four events. She shares: “It took me by complete surprise and I’m glad my scores made a contribution to the overall team score that helped us toward a victory.”














Even though this season was filled with twists and turns, it was still successful and memorable. The EBHS Gymnastics Team has once again displayed excellence and their talent was truly showcased this season.