The Great EBHS Candy Fight

After a fierce battle between the flavors, the opinions of EBHS are clear. A survey spread across 74 students has dictated the student’s ideas on some of the most controversial candy flavors of our time: watermelon, banana, and grape.


Laffy Taffy has a wide range of flavors, including those debated on in this survey. Though watermelon flavor doesn’t come in the general packs, it can still be found as Laffy Taffy bars.

Jaiden Radoczy, Bear Hub Staff

The pro-watermelon team came out on top, with 77% of those surveyed reporting that watermelon is “one in a water-million.” The opposing side lost, gaining only 17 votes and 23% percent. Five students even stated that watermelon was the best of the candy flavors, though none chose to back up their opinion, and watermelon took the sixth place spot for the best flavor.

With the next question, the banana haters fought valiantly for their win, with 77% saying that banana is “bananas, and not in a good way.” Though the seventeen pro-banana students fought for their “a-peel-ing” flavor, they still lost to the anti-banana warriors.
The final for or against question was evenly matched, both sides fighting for the honor to defend or vanquish the grape candy flavor. However, with a mere four students, the anti-grape side came to a win, declaring victory over those who love it. Caitlin Walsh, 10, backs up her decision by proclaiming that “grape is too strong and reminds me of medicine.” Regardless of its opposition, grape is tied with watermelon for the sixth place spot.
Even more contention was faced with the write-in favorite flavors. 22 different flavors were voted in, each with their own supporters. Though some flavors, like lychee and mango, had only their single voter, some flavors had their own gatherings of ardent supporters. Coming in fifth place was lemon flavor with six votes. Rachel Girgis, 10, uses other people’s dislike of lemon flavors to her advantage, stating that “Lemon is the best because it’s the most sour out of the flavors, and there’s always so much left since people don’t like it as much.” Right above lemon, coming in fourth place with eight votes, is orange flavor.
Reaching the top three, we have strawberry in third place with nine votes. One anonymous voter defended their choice, simply stating that “Statistically speaking, strawberry is better.” However, the statistics don’t lie when they say that strawberry came two votes behind EBHS’ second favorite candy flavor: blue raspberry! Justin Ockun, 10, defends his choice saying that “Blue raspberry is the best. It’s sweet, has a bit of a fruity thing going, and, best of all, it tastes the most artificial (in a good way).”

But finally, it’s time for EBHS’ #1 candy flavor. Though it was a close fight, just barely pulling ahead of the eleven votes for blue raspberry, cherry was declared victorious. One anonymous member of the winning party declared that “Cherry stuff is just always good. They don’t try to force their fruitiness onto you like most other berry flavors.” The other eleven cherry lovers seem to agree with their assessment.
If you’d like to continue the battle and maybe see your favorite flavor reign supreme, you can take the survey here.