It’s Senioritis Season, EBHS!

Senioritis is spreading across East Brunswick as the end of high school comes closer. Read on to find out how the Class of 2021 has succumbed to senioritis.

The seniors of EBHS have made it through a year (and counting) of hybrid and virtual classes. Traditions like homecoming haven’t happened, and many students haven’t even met their teachers or peers in person.

Check out this infographic for more survey results! If there’s anything these results show, we are TRULY in senioritis season.

However, some things haven’t changed. Teams classes have made it easier to get distracted. Spring break and end-of-year events are coming closer.

And now, second-semester senioritis is also creeping up on the senior class. For the uninitiated, senioritis occurs when a student’s work ethic and motivation take a turn for the worse towards their final year of high school. Committing to college is one prominent symptom, but it’s not the only one.

Many seniors are finding themselves sleeping through alarms, submitting assignments late, or not finding the drive to get through the day. Senior Mary Farag tells Bear Hub: “A big part of my senioritis stems from feeling constantly overwhelmed with work, which makes me lose motivation to do anything.”

Similar views extend to the whole senior class as well. In a survey conducted by Bear Hub, 27.3 percent of seniors report that they’re sleeping through this school year.

Now, how are the seniors coping? The short answer is that they aren’t. In fact, 50.6 percent of seniors said that they aren’t coping at all with their senioritis. For that majority, Bear Hub published an article earlier with some coping strategies and tips, including a quiz designed to diagnose students’ levels of senioritis. (Click here to read the article and diagnose your level of senioritis.)

The Class of 2021 has made it past four years of high school. However, there are still three more months to go until graduation. Now, it’s on the seniors to make the most of them and overcome senioritis.