The Aftermath of the Rumbling Around the World

Does MAPPA’s new animation style deserve all the hate?


Ali Soherwardy, Bear Hub Staff

With episode 8 airing just last week, Attack on Titan the Final Season has sent shockwaves around the world. Every Sunday, people around the world tune in just to watch a short 23 minute episode that leaves them hanging until a week later. According to the IMBD episode rating, 4 of the 8 released episodes have been rated 9.9/10 or higher. Only 28 other episodes in all of TV history have been able to do so. As predicted, the show has shook the anime community, but with more viewers comes criticism.

One issue that the Production Studio Mappa has dealt with is the wave of complaining about the CGI. CGI allows animators to put something in 3D. As it does not look as fluid as 2d art, it is a lot easier on the animators that are already overworked. However, this angered countless viewers as they felt that the previous seasons did not drop this deep in quality. I once again spoke to Bhaskar Jain, 12, a well renowned anime scholar. “I understand why the people are getting upset but they really have no reason to,” he said. “The production team is working so hard to produce these episodes as it takes so much energy and time to animate what they already have been animating”. Many people believe what Jain believes and have gone to Twitter to argue with these complainers. At one point, MAPPA was forced to take down their twitter page as they were receiving too many hate comments.

One person that can relate to the people complaining is Griffin Neary, 12. Griffin has been watching anime for a while, and he just is disappointed. “Season 3 came out in 2017. They have had 4 years to perfect the animation.” Even though Neary is a little peeved, he is not completely disappointed. “In the end, I am just happy that season 4 was able to come out. There was news going around that no animation studio was picking up AOT after season 3 because the time crunch was too much and the show would take too much energy from the animators.” Although he is annoyed about the animation, this anime addict is just happy that it was able to come out.

Preview art was released for Attack on Titan months before the release of the final season.

Also, I spoke to Tarun Sivakumar, 12, about what he had to say. When discussing the use of CGI, he says “People are just complaining because they have nothing else to complain about. When you have something that is as perfect as this, you start to complain about the most pointless things. Some people don’t want to admit it is this amazing, so they try to undermine this perfection.” Although Sivakumar is a rather new anime watcher, as he picked it up over Summer 2020, Attack on Titan was his first anime. “Seeing people attack the amazing gateway that got me into anime upsets me. It’s the reason I’ve watched so many more and they’re complaining about something that shouldn’t be complained about.” In the end, we still have a couple more episodes of Part 1 with Part 2 in the making. It is rumored that a movie is slated to be released as a wrap up to the show but the details with that have not been released. EBHS Bear Hub will be sure to keep you posted on any Attack on Titan News!