All Dressed Up: Harry Styles on Vogue

December’s issue of Vogue starred Harry Styles on the cover, featuring his incredible sense of fashion.


Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

Harry Styles, the well-known British singer most popular for his time with the boyband One Direction, has recently appeared on the cover of Vogue’s December issue. This single photo shoot created a lot of buzz in the public in just the past couple of days. Harry Styles did not wear the typical suit and tie to appear on the cover, but rather a dress. This then struck up a conversation of how as the times are changing, and gender norms and gender rules in society are changing as well. Harry Styles is just one of the many people that have chosen to support the opportunity to be unique and to be themselves when it comes to not only fashion, but the outlook on gender as a whole.

When asking the people of East Brunswick High School their thoughts on December’s magazine cover, senior Kimi Arato, shared a positive statement about Styles. To quote her, she said, “I loved seeing Harry Styles one the cover of Vogue wearing what many people would consider to be more ‘feminine clothing.” It is no doubt controversial to many beliefs but, Harry isn’t afraid and he’s showing all people no matter their sexuality or gender, that it’s okay not to follow norms. He’s showing all of us that you shouldn’t be afraid to do something that makes you happy.” Harry Styles isn’t just another former boyband, now solo, artist. He is an inspiration to millions, teaching us that we shouldn’t be held down to what society expects from us. We have the opportunity to be who we want to be in life, and by all means we should take it.

It’s pretty powerful and kind of extraordinary to see someone in his position redefining what it can mean to be a man with confidence

— Olivia Wilde

To put Harry’s Styles’ Vogue cover in more simpler words, Alyssa Varga, 12, describes it as “scrumptious, inspiring, and beautiful in every way, shape, and form.” And I’m sure we can all agree on that one with her.

He’s really in touch with his feminine side because it’s something natural, And he’s a big inspiration to a younger generation—about how you can be in a totally free playground when you feel comfortable. I think that he’s a revolutionary.

— Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci

Harry Edward Styles spoke up about his choice in fashion and told the public, “Anytime you’re putting barriers up in your own life, you’re just limiting yourself.” Nobody should stop themselves from being the person they are most comfortable as just because society may not prefer it. You only have this one life to be who you truly are, take this opportunity just to feel comfortable in your own skin. So listen to Harry Styles and be yourself in every way, it’s the best part of this life you are given!

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