Staying Fit with the EBHS Phys Ed Department

The staff in the EBHS Phys Ed department is making sure all students stay healthy and fit whether behind their laptops or in person.


Students get ready for their lesson by warming up first (photo from 2019)

Alan Caiza-Bazurto, Bear Hub Staff

With the implementation of remote learning the way Phys Ed is taught has changed, with teachers instead posting videos of themselves demonstrating the day’s lesson and posting questions.

The teacher’s within this department showcase their dedication and passion by making sure the students of EBHS get the exercise they need. Phys Ed teacher Mark Motusesky tells Bear Hub, “It has required our department to work together and make decisions that are best for our students. This will enable them to continue to be physically fit or motivate other students to improve their fitness levels.”

Additionally, Phys Ed teachers practice good physical fitness outside of the classroom. Mr. Sundberg says, “I used to motivate myself to exercise through training for competition. I now motivate myself to exercise because it helps reduce stress and makes me feel more energized.” Showing once again how the teachers within the Phys Ed department don’t just exercise for their well being, but also adopt it into their daily lifestyle to help others.

The additional free time that comes along with remote learning has motivated many of us to start or renew good exercise habits. The Phys Ed department’s exercise videos allow students to push themselves more into making sure they stay healthy and fit.  Although we’re at home, there’s no reason we can’t all stay fit at EBHS.