One Big Human Family

“Beauglyful.” To an outsider, this concept would seem confusing or perhaps nonexistent. But to Humanities students, the concept of beauglyful permeates the world around them.


Period 3 Humanities students pose in their virtual seats during class. A beaming Mrs. Deerson stated afterward: “This made my entire week!”

Kal Pandit, Bear Hub Staff

Beauglyful: It’s the intersection of beauty and ugliness; it takes its shape in food, artwork, architecture, music, and dance. And it sparks lively conversations and debates. I, for one, adopted a hot take: that putting pineapple on pizza is beauglyful “because they both taste great in isolation but aren’t appealing when mixed together.”

Each day in class, students unite to explore who they are and what they stand for. They dig deeper into all kinds of art–from past to present–and how they impact our values and beliefs. And they also create original artwork to express themselves.

“I honestly love this class so much. It actually teaches me so much about who I am and we aren’t even halfway through the class yet.”

— Juliana Samuel, 12

In one assignment, for instance, students were tasked with drawing a metaphorical mask that they “wear” in front of other people. In another, students used works of art to create original collages that reflected their aesthetics.

“I really enjoy the fun atmosphere and how creative the subject lets the students be,” senior Lauren Brennan tells Bear Hub. “I’ve never had a class that dives into art and how it relates to us and I think it’s really cool that we get to do that through these projects.”

Although the assignments are exciting and innovative, that’s only part of the story. The atmosphere in Humanities is like that of a family–and it makes students keep looking forward to class. As senior Harry Selvakumar shares, “I really do love the social interaction that our class has and there is always a smile.”

Humanities isn’t just any art class. It’s an immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experience that’s only open to seniors. If you’re approaching your senior year, I highly recommend that you schedule this class!