Just the Beginning

College; a scary yet extremely exciting part of one’s academic life. Applying to schools is just the beginning to this new part of your future.


Senior year has brought a lot of work into Aribah Khan’s senior year. She keeps track of her academic goals and important information daily to ensure she does her absolute best in preparing for her future.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

High school students can all agree that senior year has always been a thought in our minds. Although we may just want to focus on spending senior year making memories, there is so much more that goes into a high school senior’s life. College can be a huge part of our academic lives. We get to start this new world where we get to learn how to be more of our true selves while facing what the world has to offer.

Applying to colleges can be extremely stressful and difficult. Just because it isn’t the easiest thing to do, does not mean you should skip over it and ignore the opportunities it may offer. The school Counselors, and teachers as well, provide great support and resources for guiding seniors along this journey of completing college applications. There may be a lot that goes into just one college application, so having a good mindset towards getting it done and using your time wisely is very necessary.

Aribah Khan, 12, excitedly informs herself on the application details for Harvard University. College can be an exciting time for any senior’s life, especially when looking at where to apply.

Senior Dinusha Desilva, tells Bear Hub that “The process of applying to college is definitely something I haven’t really paid much attention to before my senior year and now that it’s time to actually sit down and do it, I realize it takes a lot of effort and time. If you’re going to procrastinate during the year, I would highly recommend not to use that skill for college applications.” When completing or working on applications, this is your time to show who you are, and to show the college themselves that you belong there. When looking past just your academic scores, college is where your own identity and how you express yourself matters most. Therefore, completing this process with good time management and a beneficial mindset towards it, can help you out a lot. Dinusha also shares, “I tried submitting my applications the earliest that my own schedule allowed me to and now that I’ve completed them all, It feels like such a huge relief and I’m very excited to hear back from the schools I’ve applied to.”
To all the East Brunswick High School seniors that are choosing to apply to college this year, BearHub wishes you the best of luck and great success when it comes to your academic future. And if you are not choosing to take this college path, your future still matters, and success is wished upon you as well when learning the best path for yourself.