Practical Arts Prepare Students for the Real World

Meet the Practical Arts department, whose teachers inspire and push EB students to be their best.


Caroline Egerman, 11, and her “sugar baby” are hard at work during Human Growth and Development. [Photo taken before COVID]

Kal Pandit, Bear Hub Staff

In the Practical Arts classrooms around EBHS, students are money managers, circuit makers, culinary artists, preschool teachers, photographers, designers, producers, engineers, programmers, and so much more. This department is tasked with both teaching students how to be creative and how to think critically–and creating “a-ha” moments in their classrooms each day.

Take it from electronics teacher Mr. Ambrose. He tells Bear Hub, “it is great to see students’ expressions the first time they get a circuit they’ve built to work.”

For Mrs. DelliSanti, meanwhile, “there is never a question about why we are learning something” in her Financial Literacy class: her course is “so applicable to everyone.”

This year, the Practical Arts teachers are working to continue the lively conversations, demonstrations, and projects that take place in their classes every day. In any normal year, students would collaborate heavily and use real-world materials to broaden their skills. However, students aren’t always in the building, so the department has adapted to our new normal.

Some are using digital tools to further their teaching and reach out to every student. “Canvas,” according to Video Production teacher Mr. Giambrone, “has become a vital tool for sharing examples and student work.”

Mr. Ambrose is taking a different, more hands-on approach to his classes, “even if it means building with materials [students] can source at home,” he says.

Regardless of how their courses are being taught this year, the Practical Arts teachers are making every moment memorable while preparing students to be leaders, problem-solvers, and innovators for the 21st century.