The Counseling Department of EBHS

What really brings our school community together are the counselors of EBHS, and they are here to share why working in this department is their passion.


Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

For all high schoolers, virtual or hybrid, adapting to the school environment this year can be somewhat of a challenge. But here to help you every step of the way is the wonderful counseling department of EBHS. Whether you are in need of guidance concerning your academics, your home life, or your mental health, reaching out to your counselor can be very beneficial. Our counselors are here to help, they’re our built in best friends here at East Brunswick High School.

I really value and miss the time I spent in my office getting to know the students I worked with. In the beginning, it was difficult adjusting to speaking exclusively through the computer. Now, we have adapted and developed to this new platform and we are making it work.

— Ms. Ruditsky

Ms.Amatro, one of many counselors, shares her favorite part about working in this department. She says she values “Working with (her) students throughout their entire high school career and being able to witness them mature and embark on their next steps after high school. (She) also enjoys getting to know (her) students on a personal level and being able to guide them in any way (she) can as they navigate these exciting (and sometimes challenging) high school years!”. Another favorite aspect of getting to work in the counseling department shared by Ms.Ruditsky is, “getting to work directly with students to help with concerns affecting their personal lives and academics. (She) values the opportunity to collaborate with students, families and colleagues to support overall strength and success in the school environment”.

Three of EBHS’s wonderful counselors show off their school spirit. Those cheerful, friendly faces are always ready to offer students support and care.

It takes a lot to become a counselor, and here at East Brunswick High School, our counselors are very supportive, considerate, and available to provide an outlet for students. Mr.Kaplansky tells Bear Hub the reason why he decided to become a high school counselor. He explains, “My mother was a teacher and I always had an inkling that I wanted to work in education, I just was not sure which department. I had a school counselor I really did not connect with and many of  my friends felt the same away, so I decided to pursue a masters in educational counseling to work as a student advocate and provide support for students.”

Facing a new struggle, students and counselors are forced to adapt to a new, virtual learning environment differing from the simple interactions of years prior. Mr. Ferraro agrees and tells Bear Hub the most difficult part of this new way of learning is, “the digital divide. Old fashioned, in person conversation is the healthiest and most productive form of communication; virtual learning has made this extremely challenging.”

Although we cannot all be together like usual, and are depending on the virtual world to connect us, that doesn’t mean you are alone during the year. No matter how different these times may be, your counselors at East Brunswick High School are just an email away!