Overcoming the Hiccups of Virtual EBHS

Online learning has its hiccups when it comes to communication.


Rayaan Saleem, Bear Hub Staff

Online learning has its hiccups when it comes to communication, hiccups that we all need to overcome together. Students forget to have their mics and cameras on which cause an awkward silence during the period. Scenarios like these happen very often in online school these days. Slowly, but surely we are getting more used to online learning and avoiding these awkward situations.

Youssef Abdelhalem, a sophomore at EBHS, was in class when he couldn’t unmute his mic. He said, “I felt very uneasy, and confused. but it wasn’t my first time and most definitely not my last for this scenario.” It is understandable why Youssef felt this way, seeing as the whole class was waiting for him in silence. But he is also slowly getting used to this being a common occurrence and overcoming it. In my German class, students often try to speak but forget that their mics aren’t turned on. It creates a momentarily tense atmosphere that eventually they or the teacher break. During virtual learning, these issues may seem tedious and annoying;  it may take time, but we will get used to this new style of school together.