Bobby Mahoney: EBHS alum musician

Get to know how Bobby Mahoney, an EBHS graduate, is continuing his musical career during the pandemic.


Zach Morrison

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son during one of the band’s live performances. Pictured from left to right are Zach Sandler, Andrew Saul, Bobby Mahoney, James McIntosh and Jon Chang-Soon. Photo by Zach Morrison, EBHS alum.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

With all our lives still at a halt due to this ongoing pandemic, it’s tough to find ways to keep us entertained and at ease. For those in the entertainment industry especially, it has been difficult trying to continue amid all of the chaos. And yet, this is the time when entertainers are needed the most.
2013 East Brunswick High School graduate Bobby Mahoney, known for his band Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, is not disappointing the public when it comes to musical entertainment. Although he is not able to perform in front of his usual live audience, he is making good use of the technology available to him in order to provide music to his fans. This pandemic has wreaked much trouble and havoc upon the world, but finding a way to escape this mess, even just for a little bit, is very important. Mahoney and the rest of his band are hoping that their music can be this escape for people.

An Interview with Bobby Mahoney, of Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son
1. How has the pandemic impacted your music?
I was supposed to play acoustic in England for the first time in April, and we had a run of Northeast U.S. band shows set up for after that, which we had to indefinitely postpone all of them out of concern for everyone’s safety. Friends of ours have it a lot worse and had to cancel a lot more shows than we did, though.
2. In what ways are you using your resources/technology to keep people entertained?
I have been doing a mix of Facebook Live and Instagram Live to keep performing! I have also been uploading new acoustic songs and videos to Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube, respectively. I’ve been able to continue teaching virtual music classes over Zoom and FaceTime too! Doing the livestreams gives me a creative outlet, and it gives people stuck at home something to do!
3. How has technology benefited you/your music? Have you been able to reach more people now?
Yes, I think my music, and music as a whole have mostly benefited from technology. It is incredible to me that I can play guitar in my room and people across the world can watch and comment in real time. While obviously it isn’t the same as a true show in person, the virtual shows have been surprisingly fun and the human connection is still there. I have been able to reach new people, but I also have been able to further strengthen connections I have made previously “in-person,” using the livestreams.
4. What are your expectations for your career going forward after this pandemic? Any new ideas for the future?
I’m just excited to be able to play with my band in front of a “live audience” again- whatever that looks like, and whenever it can happen safely. I know the shows will be there for us when the time comes. In addition to the livestreams, and lessons, I have been able to write new music, and continue to work on new demos with my band remotely- each person adding their parts to a project in their own space then sending it along. Shoutout to EBHS Music Tech Gurus Mrs. Lopresti and Mr. Sturr for getting me going on my music technology quest, and I owe a lot of what I have been able to accomplish to them and the EB Music Department!

Mahoney and his band are continuing their music through the chaos that is the coronavirus, and are excited for what the future holds for them! Feel free to check out their website, along with some of the band’s music.