From Classrooms to Bedrooms

Where EBHS students have set up their workspace in the shift to distance learning.

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

Where EBHS prefers to do their schoolwork for distance learning.

As EBHS makes the shift to distance learning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, students and staff find themselves having to recreate a classroom setting in the comfort of their own homes. Uprooting a daily routine can be difficult, but with so many places at home to choose from, EBHS students and staff have a variety of locations to set a new routine to get their distance learning done right.

In a survey conducted of 50 EBHS members, 68% prefer to work in their bedroom, 14% each like to work in either their kitchen or a home office, and 4% prefer a location other than those listed.

So: why our bedrooms? Senior Vanessa Russo expresses her preference for this workspace as it provides the motivation to get work done quickly: “I do my schoolwork right when I wake up and finish very quickly. So it’s like I finished school before my day even starts.”

Others, like senior Ethan Moss, see their bedroom as a place reserved for relaxing and winding down and prefer more structure to their workspace in order to stay focused. “I need to be able to separate where I hang out and sleep from where I am going to be productive and get school assignments done.”

While it will take some self-discipline and a routine to get used to, creating a unique space to learn in your own home is important in moving forward in these unprecedented times.