Serving with Pride

An interview with Ashley Salzman.


Salzman, 12, fills out an ROTC form for the U.S. Air Force nurse program.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

It’s been a long-term goal of senior, Ashley Salzman to become a nurse in the U.S Air Force. 

“After talking to a senior last year who did the ROTC program, I really became interested,”Ashley explains. There are several reasons why she wants to be in the Air Force, one being that “it increases the probability of getting a nursing job” when she is finished with her service. Nursing programs in the United States are extremely competitive, and being recruited to a hospital can be challenging. Having a history of working in the Air Force could make Salzman’s dream of becoming a nurse, a definite reality. Ashley also includes that working in the Air Force gives “a possibility to travel and earn scholarship money for nursing school.”

A different, sentimental reason for Ashley serving in the Air Force is her family history of nursing and serving in the army. 

“My mom’s a nurse, so I’ve seen her study when she went back to nursing school a while ago. When she was in school I watched her study, and asked her questions about it, and seeing what she was learning sparked an interest in me, and now I want to go into nursing further,” Salzman explains. “My grandpa served in the Vietnam war,” she testifies. “ His service in the army also influenced my decision and it’s really important to me.”

I decided to interview Ashley because not many students join the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Navy after attending EBHS and those that do are not always represented. Shedding some light on the students that want to dedicate a portion of their lives to serving our country is extremely important. Ashley’s story can also help others who want to pursue a life of serving, know that they are not alone. Along with Ashley’s story, more stories focusing on serving in the military, should be told.

 Family and background have an immense impact on one’s career choice. Watching her mother’s journey through medical school was an aid in her choice to pursue a job in the Air Force. Her Grandpa’s service in the army is also a huge factor in her decision to be in the Air Force. 

“Everyone in my family supports my decision to join the Air Force,” she says. “I am excited for the future because being in the Air Force is a new opportunity and something I haven’t done yet. I can’t wait to start this new journey.”