Success is Built on Failure

College Writing Honors teaches students how to fall down and get back up again as they react to their first N.P. essays.


Trinity McDonald, Bear Hub Staff

The room is tense, no one wants to breathe too loudly or break the silence. Students look down at their graded papers and wish they had never signed up for this. College Writing Honors is not an easy course by any means; but that does not mean it is the worst.

College Writing is frustrating and complicated- most students do not pass their first essay. Though the class is hard and it is almost guaranteed that you will fail some –if not all– of your essays, students still take it.  They take it because it helps set them up for their future; the course shows them how it feels to fail but also shows them how to get back up after they fail.

CWH is aligned with Rutgers University’s Expository Writing class and students earn both an EBHS grade as well as a potential Rutgers grade.  Though many students who NP their essays are safe with a B or better in the EBHS gradebook, it still hurts to fail an essay after the work they put into it.  One thing that students have come to agree on is that they take comfort in not being alone. Senior Kaitlyn Marquez states that “It feels better knowing I am not the only one, but it also helps me want to do better and want to be that person that instead of getting an NP, I get a C.”

Life will keep getting harder and it will continue to push you down. You need to be able to keep going after . This class gives you a community who will help you improve yourself and it also will help pick you up when you are down. College Writing Honors might be a hard course but it will help you succeed in the future.