A Chalk Covered Friendship

A lifelong bond formed through a difficult sport.


Sarah Kincaid

Lana Cepeda, 10, Claudia Matyasi, 9, Isabella Pereira, 12, Brooke Lahr, 9, and Katherine McSweeney, 9, after covering themselves in chalk.

Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

The force of gravity pushes down on the East Brunswick High School gymnastics team as the take their last step down to the lower gym. The girls’ brightly colored leotards flood your eyesight as their team jackets drop to the floor with their bags. After coating their palms in white, every nostril in the gym becomes a source of chalk dust. The music blasts from the speakers as the girls rush to their desired location.
As a trick is performed by one, the others bound to her side as the room is filled with uplifting announcements. “You got this” Angel Martinez, 11, screams to her teammate. “We believe in you” Claudia Matyasi, 9, calls out as she claps excitedly.
The room is soaked in an affectionate bond between these eighteen girls. Any challenges they face in this difficult sport can only bring them closer together. The connection linking these varsity gymnasts together is stronger than their calf muscles. The East Brunswick High School gymnastics team is one of the many athletic groups in this school that have created a lifelong bond with their teammates.