“EBHS” Instagram Frenzy

From “EBHS Affirmations,” to “EBHS Bad Posture,” East Brunswick High School students can’t seem to keep their eyes off of their Instagram feeds.


Celia Schmeidler

What do EBHS students think about these Instagram accounts?

Celia Schmeidler, Bear Hub Staff

This school year, students have noticed more “EBHS” Instagram accounts appearing on their usual feeds. Accounts such as EBHS Affirmations, EBHS Bad Parking, EBHS bad posture, EBHS sleeping, EBHS compliments, EBHS rants, and more have taken over the feeds of countless students.

Most EBHS accounts are run anonymously and seem to have no practical purpose. They began as a distraction, a beacon of positivity among the stress of 11:59 deadlines. However, while they started as another way to pass time, some accounts such as “EBHS hottest girls, EBHS hottest guys, [and] EBHS caught mask-less,” have become harmful, “offensive, and make people very uncomfortable.”

Students laugh at a poor parking job but also fear the embarrassment of being caught for their bad posture or seeing a picture of their shoes from under a bathroom stall. The more bizarre accounts beg the question: when students lose interest in one subject, do they regain interest through the unethical?

Most students agree that these accounts are satire, but there are some legitimate concerns. The accounts sit on a spectrum in regards to disrespectfulness. While “some of the accounts like EBHS affirmations, prom dresses, and commits are fun and positive… ones like EBHS bathrooms and posture are offensive because people are taking pictures of you without your knowledge.”

Unfortunately, some of these accounts are pushing the line between harmless pranks or even social commentary and bullying, but it goes without saying that the majority of them exist for entertainment’s sake. It is important to recognize the issues that the more unsettling accounts bring to light but students at EBHS can sleep well knowing that most exist just to make them smile.