Tinkering With Teesha

    Tinkering With Teesha

    What do you do to represent your generation?

    Hi everyone, my name is Teesha Patel, and I am a Junior at EBHS. If you know me, you know that I am always offering to do henna on my friends and try out new designs. This is because doing henna is a skill that I have been working on for about three years now. But, recently it has become a large part of who I am, because it is something that outlines what I like, what I spend a lot of time doing, and how I connect with my culture. But this made me think, a person is made up of what they enjoy, and how they act on it.

    Simply put, people are just a collection of what they are passionate about. This made me want to go out and explore EBHS and beyond in order to see the hobbies people have, and how it reflects themselves. I also want to highlight how the media has played a significant role in motivating people towards common interests or motives, creating different trends. During Covid, this pattern became especially apparent as people became more inclined to immerse themselves in specific hobbies to relate to their peers.

    So, with this project I want to delve deeper into these different parts of what makes people who they are, and question on a larger scale, what makes a generation what they are?

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