EB Eats

There are many restaurants around EB that students can go to, but which restaurant overall is the best?


Derek Maniquiz, Bear Hub Staff

After a long day in school, students in EB have many options to choose where to eat, but it can be difficult to pick where to go. We surveyed 130 EBHS students about the best place to eat in EB and the factors that help students decide. Out of 7 choices, the majority of EBHS students agree that Chipotle is the best place to eat. Perhaps they like Chipotle’s accessibility since it is across the street from the High School.

For some students, Chipotle’s prices aren’t worth the walk. Pramit Venkatachalam, a sophomore in EBHS, feels that Chipotle does not give enough options compared to other restaurants. He says “Olive Garden has more vegetarian options compared to Chipotle and it tastes better.” Students who want more diverse options in their food experience might go for other restaurants around EB even though they might be a little far.

When students decide which restaurant they will go to, accessibility and menu options aren’t the only factors that matter. Tyler Hilton, a senior in EBHS, explains the factors she takes when picking out a restaurant. She says “Sometimes I am willing to have a nicer meal, but other times I want something more chill for a random afternoon with my friends, so I look at the ambiance of the place as well as the prices to see if it fits the vibe I’m going for.” All of the restaurants in EB are great, fitting for a plethora of students that want to eat on any occasion.