The Super(lative) Chris

A survey sent out to EBHS students reveals who the school’s favorite Chris is.


The results of a survey asking EBHS students who their favorite superhero Chris is.

It’s no surprise that the students of EBHS are big superhero fans. Perhaps more surprisingly, is that some of the most iconic superhero roles in cinematic history are played by four men all with the same name. The Chrises of Hollywood are beloved by the public and the EBHS student body. The big question is though, who is the best Chris?

A survey sent out to over 50 students revealed that Chris Evans is the most favored of the four. A majority of the students who voted for Evans voted for him because of his funny and kind personality. Senior Alefiya Presswala describes Evans’ character, Captain America, as having a “straightforward moral compass” and a “really interesting origin story.”

While Evan’s transformation from soldier to super soldier is a favorite of many, sophomore Mayumi Ruiz shared that her favorite superhero origin story is one where the character thought they were human but it turns out they’re not because “the internal struggle of identity really resonates with [her].” For many students, it’s important for them to be able to relate to these heroes because when we see that even these strong characters have flaws, it lets us know that we’re not the only ones who struggle.

When asked about what kind of hero students at EBHS would like to have in today’s world, an overwhelming number of students described a hero who helps make positive change in the world. Senior Celia Schmeidler explains how we need “someone who knows how to lead and make change. Someone that everyone can agree is just a very kind and well-intentioned person.” The superheroes that the four Chrises portray easily fit this role, and it is clear that all students hope for in this world are real-life superheroes who help our world as much as the Chrises do.