The Good Riddance List

As seniors are coming towards the end of their high school career, they can reflect on the things they’re glad to finally be done with.

Asmee Shitoley, Bear Hub Staff

1. College Applications
This one’s obvious– the headache of essays, deadlines, and FAFSA are over. Congratulate your fellow seniors on getting through the hectic beginning of the year.

Brandon Eigen (12) and Asmee Shitoley (12) submit their final college applications at the EBPL.

2. Running Laps in Gym
Unless you’re Usain Bolt, no one actually enjoys running laps only to go back to class a sweaty mess.

3. Waking Up Before the Sun Rises
“I just can’t get myself to get out of bed at six am. Every. Single. Day.” – Sonia Kurian
Every student in the school can probably relate to Sonia’s feelings.

Bags galore! From left to right, Angela Huang (12), Brandon Eigen (12), and Asmee Shitoley (12) show the aftermath of waking up so early.

4. Trying to Beat the After School Traffic
“I race to my car everyday after school so I don’t have to wait in a line just to leave.” –Brandon Eigen


While seniors are grateful to not have to do these things again, parts of these experiences will also be missed.