After School Feast

Before the pandemic happened, students would occasionally go out and grab a bite with their friends after school. With the pandemic slowing down, students once again are able to hang out in restaurants together.


Raul Martinez

Rebecca Perez (12) enjoys a nice cold Coke-Cola bottle in La China Poblana, after a long day of school.

Raul Martinez, Bear Hub Staff

Some students cross Summerhill and Rt 18, trying to avoid the cars and make it to paradise with the restaurants up ahead. Others get in their cars with their friends and take a mini road trip to get a bite.

Since the school is near many restaurants, it’s easy for students to go out and pick a place to eat. A popular area amongst students is on Route 18 that contains restaurants such as Chiptole, Halal Guys, and Sarku. Nearby there is Playa Bowls, a restaurant that offers the healthiest ingredients to make smoothies, juices, and bowls. Other students like to go farther places and explore more options. Rebecca Perez, a senior at East Brunswick high school said that “I love picking out what restaurants I go to after school. Sometimes I might go to a nearby restaurant, like Chipotle, but other times I go the extra mile and get La China Poblana.”

The location of the high school allows students to pick whether they want to walk or ride to a restaurant. With the variety of food available, students have the privilege to go out and have fun with their friends while eating their favorite foods. After school lunches give students the opportunity to create memories of their high school days.