Lights Off, Anime On, Action!

“It’s nice to see normal looking people enjoy anime. It contradicts the weeb stereotype.”- Sabrina Huang 12


For Rhea Titus 12, Sheza Bajwa 12, and Nick Seto 12, being good friends and watching the episode together in the media center just makes the Anime Club experience better.

Weilin Chu, Bear Hub Staff

Quiet, cozily dark, and filled with anticipation- such is the typical atmosphere during an anime stream. Unlike classic activity and presentation-filled meetings, Anime Club’s streams are peaceful and relaxing, as everyone’s focused on the action on screen. Each month, the club votes on a show to watch, with the victor this time being The Great Pretender. Following the bizarre actions of a Japanese conman, this is definitely one interesting show.

Looking at the diversity around the room, Sabrina Huang, a senior and fellow club member points out musingly; “It’s nice to see normal looking people enjoy anime. It contradicts the weeb (fans of japanese culture) stereotype. Also, Anime Club is so much more exciting this year, especially the new events like the voice acting competition.”

Even more exciting is how big the club has gotten this year, causing them to move out of their previous classroom to the more spacious media center. This is just more encouragement for the tight-knit board to plan new activities, taking the club to the next level.