Get Your Head (Back) in the Game

Students are excited to be back in the Bear Den to cheer on their friends in all different sports at EBHS


Hannah Girgis

Returning from COVID, it’s the first varsity game back and our Hawaiian themed Bear Den cheers for the football team.

Brianna Boen, Bear Hub Staff

As the fall sports season comes to an end, teams have made an extremely successful run. What may have contributed to these wins? Well, apart from the talent of those on the team, there has been more support for a variety of EBHS sports teams this year than ever before.

During quarantine, it was difficult for students to come and support their fellow peers and a lot of students missed the “I believe that we will win!” chants, led by the Bear Den. Senior Julia Bognar, one of the members of the Bear Den, says “I was really happy I was chosen because I like being able to bring people out to games and build a community between other grade levels. It’s fun to do our senior year especially because we didn’t have it last year.” Also being a soccer player herself, she’s happy to see a bigger crowd come and support her teammates.

Not only has COVID made players miss the crowd cheering them on, it also has made fans miss the EBHS spirit. Attending games gives students an opportunity to hang out with their friends on and off the field.

It’s important to support our peers since it’s our last year and I want to see them succeed in school and on the field. Also all the fall sports are doing so well and it’s so great to see them succeed!

— Julia Bognar- 12