Goodbye Pajamas, Hello Jeans

We’re back to choosing outfits for school every day.


Senior Natalie Del Rosario checks out her cute and cozy outfit.

Emily Chung, Bear Hub Editor

Coming back to school full time makes both students and teachers miss one of the best parts of virtual learning: joining your Microsoft Teams class in the clothes you woke up in. Though it wasn’t perfect, online school allowed students to learn from the comfort of their own home in their coziest outfits. But now that everyone’s back in person, that comfort no longer exists. Now, students have no choice but to pick and plan out their clothes five days a week, which is almost exhausting after many students were liberated from that chore for nearly a year.

No matter how much a person cares or doesn’t care about their appearance, it’s still important for them to think about the clothes they want to wear for the day. Even though some people dislike having to plan out their outfits and it’s less convenient than joining online classes in your pajamas, there’s definitely a bright side to this. The act of self expression is back with choosing outfits. By deciding what to wear every day, students can dress in their own style. The aspect of expressing one’s self through style and clothing was missing during the 2020-2021 school year. But now, students can feel the joy of being confident in clothes they love.