Spirit Soaring High!

An inside look into the wonderful photoshopped mind of Kelly Tang.


Sarah Kincaid, Bear Hub Editor

The two times a year where students of EBHS devote their enthusiasm and creativity to spirit week is some of the most exciting times for the three grades. The week before spring break, March 22th to March 26th was the final spirit week of the 2020- 2021 school year. Monday, March 22 started off with pajama day. Where in-person students could just roll out of bed and get to school while virtual students could keep doing what they usually do. The next day, Tuesday, was Read Across America Day and EBHS students could dress up as their favorite book character. On Wednesday, students were encouraged to wear purple in honor of celebrating national women’s month. Then on Thursday, the day was labeled as “tie dy-ve into break” with students dressing head to toe in tie dye. To end the week, on Friday, March 26th, it was the traditional color wars. Sophomores were to wear green, juniors to wear black, and seniors to wear white. While you can see tons of pictures from March’s spirit week on the EBHS Student Council Instagram page (@ ebhsbearssc), BearHub is going to be proudly showing off the photoshopped creations made by junior Kelly Tang. Kelly’s take on this EBHS spirit week amused tons of other students, with a short interview with Kelly about what inspired her, she said, “I thought it would be really funny to edit backgrounds and other random things into our spirit week posts because it just added some extra excitement into our day and it was something to look forward to everyday. It was also kind of something that just came to me, like a natural instinct to do, it wasn’t something I had to think to do before hand because I generally never participate in spirit weeks. But being able to add these fun backgrounds and do it with friends makes it memorable and enjoyable. Also I was so iffy to do spirit week, but this made it so much fun and I’m definitely doing it again because of this whole editing background and friend bonding experience!”