Bone In vs Bone Out?

Chicken wings, a food that was invented by accident, now has become one of the most popular American foods consumed around 18,000 times in one’s lifetime.


Sam Fox, Bear Hub Staff

Nothing beats an order of hot wings and a football game. If you can’t handle heat on your wings, restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings offer a wide variety of sauces such as Barbecue, Parmesan Garlic, Asian Zhing, and Mango Habanero.

However, there does lie some controversy when it comes to wings. A lot of people have a preference when choosing to eat bone-in or bone-out wings. Bone-in wings require you to eat the meat outside of the bone and come as either a drumstick or a flat. Meanwhile, bone-out wings (also known as boneless) are cut from larger pieces of chicken breast and are usually breaded.

After surveying 104 students and teachers from East Brunswick High School on whether they prefer bone-in or bone-out. It is very clear on which type of wing is preferred. A whopping 73.1% of survey-takers said they preferred bone-in while only 26.9% chose bone-out. According to one teacher, Mr. Pike, “You got to have bone-in wings, they taste way better and have more meat than boneless, which is the same as a chicken nugget.” Both are delicious, but bone-in is the way to go.