EBHS: The School that never Sleeps

Sleep is a beautiful thing. Something that cannot be replaced. Something so serene and peaceful that everyone appreciates it…


Above is an infographic of the survey we conducted. Clearly, ”no sleep” won by a significant amount.

Clara Deguerre, BearHub Staff

However, TikTok and Netflix are even more tempting. The 60-second clips of people dancing and quoting relatable things and the streamlined service where hundreds of movies and shows are at your fingertips are necessities more crucial than sleep during these times of quarantine. This week, EBHS Bear Hub interviewed the student body on how much sleep they were (or were not) getting during this quarantine.

It is expected that students would get more sleep due to school being online and starting later. However, according to the votes, 56.1% of students agreed that they did not get extra sleep because they stayed up watching Netflix and TikToks. The networks, having millions of followers, are able to keep anyone up late at night.
Junior Arina Khona, can attest to this. “Almost every single night this year, I’ve been watching TikToks for countless hours, and even doing my own.”

In a distant second was 26.1% of students who voted that they were getting more sleep because their workload was light.

Even further behind, 12.1% of students said that they only got sleep because they were ignoring their responsibilities (school, work, etc.) and making time to sleep instead.

Last, and definitely least, only 4.5% of students voted that they were overwhelmed with their homework. It makes sense that few students voted for this option, because many teachers have lightened up student workloads as a result of school being virtual.

While sleep is incredible, let’s face it: nothing is better than a night of binge-watching Stranger Things for the third time. So no matter how you have been spending your nights, enjoy them while it lasts. You’ll be back to your old sleep schedule, eventually.