Parks & Rec VS The Office

EBHS finally settles the long debated question. Which show is better: The Office of Parks and Recreation?

Parks & Rec VS The Office

Caroline Serpico, Bear Hub Staff

Since their introduction to Netflix, the two widely popular comedies have become cult classics among their respective audiences, and continue to be debated over their superiority. In today’s pop culture, the question is simple but elicits a passionate response from almost anyone you ask: “Which show is better: Parks and Recreation or The Office?”

According to IMDb, The Office stands at #44 on their list of the 250 Best TV Shows, while Parks and Recreation stand at #120; though their ratings only differ by .2 stars, The Office with 8.8 and Parks with 8.6. With such close ratings, plot, and familiar characters that seem to make anyone laugh at the mundaneness of office or government work, the NBC shows have culminated countless fans and remain as relevant entertainment today.

This infographic breaks down the data from the survey. The Office wins, with 60.8% of the vote from EBHS students and staff.

Among the halls of EBHS, the question shares the same importance across students and staff members alike. Out of 102 votes, 60.8% prefer The Office, while 23.5% prefer Parks and Recreation. The remainder of 15.7%, are those who have never seen either show.

With such a stark difference in percentages, some loyal Office fans came forward to discuss why their vote was so definite. Senior, Milindi Shah, expresses her love for The Office’s timelessness and rewatch-ability: “I am currently on the 8th time of watching The Office over again. It is my ultimate choice of TV show – whether you are eating dinner, bored, or in need of a laugh, The Office is always there for you.”

The consistency and originality in a show like The Office seem to have created a strong bond with EBHS members. Senior, Shivani Ghatak, expands on the appeal of its ingenuity. “[I think] it’s so cool how they took the British series and made it so much better.”

Whatever your preferred comedic mockumentary be, as long as the characters of Scranton or Pawnee help to relieve the stress in your day, the show is a perfect fit for you.