The Pool on the Roof Holds Water

There are many iconic locations in East Brunswick High School. There is the terminal, the endless, grand, curved hallway. There is L Hall, where a profound number of Ls are given out after chemistry tests. There is J Hall, the hall you didn’t even realize existed until the force of the required courses changed the motion of your schedule to have physics.

The Pool on the Roof Holds Water

Arjun Deepak, Bear Hub Staff

Out of all of these, there is one location that outranks the rest in power and mystique.

That place… is the pool on the roof.

The story of the pool on the roof is one that up til now has been told solely through word of mouth. Upperclassmen pass on the story to underclassmen, each generation adding their own details. The story grows each year, but the core of it remains the same: somewhere in East Brunswick High School, a functional pool exists that is hidden from the public. The reason is unknown. Some speculate that the pool was closed to preserve its magical properties from being infected by the jealousy of JP Stevens.

Few have ever seen the pool on the roof. Some say it takes one who embodies honor and integrity. Some say it takes a heart corrupted by academic integrity violations and other vices. I’m not sure which is true, but I am sure that the pool on the roof is real.

Where is the pool on the roof?

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Next to the crematorium on the third floor.

— Sebastian Milewski

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Near the back of the bowling alley.

— Justin Yu

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Above the media center.

— Speaker requested to have their identity hidden

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Above the main office.

— Alex Bogomolny

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On top of the stadium.

— Swayam Singh